Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Farmer's Market-Kids Day

For kid's day at the farmers market, the kids had their hair done in crazy colors and styles. They had a blast in the bounce house. They enjoyed a kids cooking class about using veggies from the market. They did a scavenger hunt through the market and received lots of cucumbers and some new beans-Roma beans. We all tried them for lunch. They are like green beans only flatter and a bit sweeter.

First Day of Swimming Lessons

Eight kids signed up for swimming lessons for this summer at the pool. They are in six different classes and learning so much! They are really enjoying spending the morning swimming!

Summer Fun- Ice Cream Field Trips

A very warm summer needs ice cream! We walked with the neighbors to Culver's for an ice cream field trip. Root beer floats all around!

July Birthday Party!

Three of the kids share the same birthday so we had one big party for all of them. Happy 1st birthday Sammie! Happy 3rd birthday Holly! Happy 17th birthday Adam! We started out the day with a trip to McD's playland for a special birthday lunch for everyone and time to play. After nap time we had our birthday party with birthday crowns, balloons, cake and ice cream. Then birthday kids ripped into their cards and gifts. Wrapping paper everywhere! All the kids received a balloon to take home. A very busy and fun day for everyone!

Swimming with the little ones

We had a swim day for the little ones. They donned life vests and enjoyed a day at the beach. Sand toys were also a hit on the beach.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Beach Party Day

We had a great time having a beach party today! The weather was perfect, warm enough to enjoy the water but not too hot. We brought lots of fun with us- sand toys: buckets and shovels, swim noodles, swim rings and snacks.

T-shirt fashion show

Our t-shirts are done and the kids put on a fashion show. Showing off their creativity and unique designs.